High performance modem

High spectral efficiency and robust performance comes from the modem within the Aprisa XE.

The many possible configurations of the Aprisa XE mean that its capacity varies from 56 kbit/s, in a small channel allocation in a band such as 400 MHz, through to 65.4 Mbit/s where a larger channel allocation is available in a band such as 2 GHz.

The Aprisa XE is designed to maximise data throughput, whatever your spectrum allocation, using modulation up to 64 QAM. Its high linearity transmitter and low noise reception receiver are engineered for maximum performance, reducing distortion to an absolute minimum and enabling high spectral efficiency at cost points previously thought impossible.

Modem performance has been optimised to mitigate path interference and distortion. Digital filters narrow the transmit mask and provide protection against adjacent channel interference. On receive, Reed Solomon forward error correction and a powerful transversal feed forward fractionally spaced equaliser, aided by multi tap decision feedback overcomes multipath interference, combating reflections from obstructions and overwater paths.

Our systems engineers can help with path planning, whether to predict the capacity that your link will provide or to decide which frequency band and how much spectrum will best support your requirements. We can even assist with gaining suitable spectrum licences.