Telecom Operators

Cost-effective telecoms coverage to compete in today’s ever-converging telecoms market, operators need to have a flexible network capable of providing customers with a range of fixed and mobile services.

The Aprisa XE, with its support for all types of voice, data and IP traffic, provides operators with a cost-effective way to extend fixed line, mobile cellular, and fixed wireless access networks.

Why choose the Aprisa XE?

  • Extending voice over IP, PSTN voice, and broadband services into rural and remote areas
  • Seamlessly extending DSL networks to remote businesses, low density and suburban environments
  • Rapidly extending mobile cellular coverage while maintaining quality of service guarantees, whether for 2G, 3G or beyond
  • Backhauling WiMAX and other fixed wireless access traffic from base stations at network edge or in rural or remote regions
  • Fixed Line Telecoms
  • Mobile Operators
  • Fixed Wireless

What makes the Aprisa XE the ideal choice for telecoms operators?

With its long range, carrier-class availability, high capacity flexible range of interfaces, the Aprisa XE is regularly chosen to replace expensive satellite links or bypass existing infrastructure such as high frequency microwave links. The Aprisa XE provides a reliable, easy to install, cost-effective, future-proof transmission platform as networks continue to evolve.