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4RF In Canada

At 4RF we combine the best of both worlds. We are a global company, yet we have people on the ground in your market, on your time zones. Here you will find information about the products we have available in Canada, together with contact details for the people you need to speak to.

Aprisa SR

Our Aprisa SR point-to-multipoint SCADA radio is available in the licensed 450 MHz band in Canada.

Aprisa SR short-form specification
Topology Point-to-multipoint; repeater
Frequency band 400 – 450 MHz
Channel size 12.5 kHz
Data rate 9.6 kbps
Output power 0.01 – 5.0 W
Power consumption 4.5 W Rx
Protocols RS-232 and IEEE 802.3
Modulation 4-CPFSK
Encryption 256 bit AES
Temperature –40 to +70°C
Form factor (w h d) 177 mm x 110 mm x 41.5 mm
Standards Industry Canada RF, EMC, safety and environmental

Aprisa XE

Our Aprisa XE point-to-point microwave link supports three common Industry Canada bands: 400 MHz, 900 MHz and 2.0 GHz.

Frequency bands and capacity
400 MHz 400 – 471 MHz 56 kbit/s – 944 kbit/s
900 MHz 928 – 960 MHz 136 kbit/s – 1112 kbit/s
2.0 GHz 1900 – 2300 MHz 1592 kbit/s – 65.4 Mbit/s
Modulation QPSK, 16QAM, 32 QAM, 64 QAM
Capacity 56 kbit/s mimimum, 65.4 Mbit/s maximum
Channel sizes
400 MHz 25 kHz / 75 kHz / 150 kHz
900 MHz 100 kHz / 200 kHz
2.0 GHz 500 kHz / 7.5 MHz / 14.0 MHz
E1 /T1 QJET Quad JET (E1, T1) with framed or unframed
Analogue DXFO Dual 2-Wire FXO with PCM / ADPCM
  DFXS Dual 2-Wire FXS with PCM / ADPCM
  Q4EM Quad 4-Wire E&M with PCM / ADPCM
Data QV24 Quad V.24 asynchronous, synchronous and over sampling mode
  HSS High-speed synchronous serial supporting X.21, V.35, RS-449, RS-530
IP Ethernet 4-port 10 / 100Base-T switch with VLAN tagging and QoS support


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