Mobile Operators

Mobile coverage for rural and remote areas, with quality of service as standard extending mobile cellular coverage into rural and remote areas can result in either compromised profits or compromised quality of service, due to the difficulties in serving these areas without investing in expensive back-haul equipment.

The business case for mobile operators is further complicated as third and fourth generations of cellular standards roll out, and networks become increasingly data intensive. To maintain both profits and quality of service, a flexible, carrier-class, future-proof platform is needed.

Choose the Aprisa XE

  • Long range, overcoming the connectivity problems of long distance, difficult terrains and challenging environmental conditions
  • Carrier-class performance, enabling operators to extend QoS guarantees to customers
  • High capacity and low latency, suitable for both voice and data traffic now and into the future

Read our customer case studies to see how customers are using Aprisa to solve their connectivity challenges.

What makes Aprisa the ideal choice for mobile telecommunication operators?

The Aprisa XE enables rapid network expansion and subscriber growth even in those areas that were previously too difficult or costly to reach. With its support for all types of mobile cellular traffic, from today’s 2G and 3G deployments through to emerging LTE-based services, the Aprisa XE makes rural and remote mobile coverage not only feasible but also profitable.

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