Smart network management

Whether you have one or one hundred Aprisa XE links, configuration and management is easy. SuperVisor™ enables you to manage in-depth performance and configuration parameters for each of your radios.

SuperVisor is SNMP-based so that you can easily manage an entire network of links with an industry-standard network management package.

  • Java-based SuperVisor application, accessible from any standard web browser
  • Link-by-link configuration of a wide range of radio and interface parameters and performance indicators
  • Easy drag-and-drop cross-connect application
  • Seamless integration with your SNMP-based network management platform
Link status and radio configuration

The detailed status of each link is visually displayed on SuperVisor’s summary page. From this page, you can easily configure a range of radio parameters including transmit and receive frequencies, transmit power and modulation.

Ethernet configuration and interface settings

With SuperVisor, you can configure Layer 2 and Ethernet settings such as VLAN or QoS.

Drag-and-drop make it easy to display and configure traffic interface ports and cross connect settings. Configuration files can also be saved and loaded.

Performance and alarm information

Performance information can be viewed in summary or as a detailed constellation diagram for both the local and remote terminal, including error count statistics, RSSI and SNR.

Alarm detail is presented both in summary and with detail for each incident, with comprehensive alarm diagnostics making it easy to identify the source of any problems.

Maintenance and software upgrades

SuperVisor also enables you to carry out maintenance on your link or to upgrade your software as new versions are released.

SNMP network management

When you operate many Aprisa XE links, whether as a stand-alone network or alongside other communications technologies, network management should still be straightforward.

With the Aprisa XE, you can use any industry-standard SNMP network management software, such as Castle Rock’s SNMPc.

  • Remotely access multiple links from central location across IP network
  • Monitor status, capture and timestamp alarms and fault reports
  • Integrate management of Aprisa XE radios with other communications infrasturcture
  • Configurable to operate within client-server architecture, interrogating SNMP agents within Aprisa XE radios


Visit the Castle Rock web site for information about SNMPc.