Helping you to get the most out of your Aprisa system.

Our services team provides a variety of training courses to help you make the best use of your Aprisa XE radios, teaching you how to install, configure and commission Aprisa XE radio systems.

Our standard training courses cover set topics. Alternatively, we’ll make a training course to suit you.

Standard training courses

  • Two-day introductory

    An introductory course introducing the Aprisa XE, its hardware and software components, and link configuration, management and fault diagnostics.

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  • Standard five-day

    Including an Aprisa XE refresher; RF engineering; network engineering and advanced cross-connections; network management and terminal diagnostics and upgrades.

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  • Advanced five-day

    Including introducing the Aprisa XE, its hardware and software components, link configuration, management and fault diagnostics; site preparation and path planning; SuperVisor software; trouble-shooting and verification testing; SNMP management software; duplexer tuning and practical equipment commissioning on site.

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We’ll make a training course to suit you

We can provide customised courses designed to meet your specific network planning, equipment commissioning and maintenance requirements. These courses are typically held at your premises and often combined with the installation of your equipment. All our customised courses come with the same attention to detail, hand out materials and certificates of attendance as our standard courses.

Your place or ours

We carry out training either at your premises or at 4RF headquarters. If appropriate, we can carry out the training in parallel with installation of your equipment, so you benefit from real-world deployment. All training courses are accompanied with training notes in hard copy and on CD, and successful attendees receive a certificate of completion. For more information about any of our training courses or to discuss a customised training course, please contact us, or email

  • Training Intro and Terms and Conditions


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