An intuitive graphical user interface for SCADA radio networks? Yes, actually. SuperVisor

We have applied our technology expertise not just to the radio and hardware technology in the Aprisa SR family, but also to the real world practicalities of managing the radios and networks.

SuperVisor enables you to manage and configure your network on a local, remote or network-wide level, from a central point, and remote units can be managed without interupting primary port traffic.

Local element management

Local element management enables you to view and set all types of standard configuration parameters – frequencies, power, time and date, port settings – along with security parameters.

Detailed access is provided to inventory management data such as serial numbers, alarm status and software and hardware revisions.

Performance information

Performance information is visibly displayed, including RSSI. Remote units can be managed over the air for control, diagnostics and firmware upgrades.

For network-wide management, SuperVisor provides data for network utilisation and performance over time, allowing operators to produce standard and custom reports as required. It also supports SNMP for integration with third party network management systems.

Smart management: smart SCADA.

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