Aprisa LTE

The Aprisa LTE is a smart, secure, and hardened LTE router

The Aprisa LTE is designed for both mission and business critical applications that need a gateway to modern high speed public and private LTE networks, including CBRS.

Designed for infrastructure monitoring and control for the electricity, water, oil and gas industries the Aprisa LTE has the rugged protection you need including IEEE 1613 and hazardous location certification.  Take Aprisa LTE on the road, or off road, for tough public safety and secure mobile networking.

  • Ruggedized for protection from electromagnetic transients and hazardous environments
  • Designed to meet tough vehicle electrical and vibration standards
  • Industrial temperature range for hostile environments and extended service life
  • Multi-mode serial for unique industry protocols
  • SFP fiber interface for redundancy, backhaul, and other applications
  • Aprisa Power Control for off-grid endurance, network recovery, and resilience
  • Advanced security, including autonomous anti-tamper mechanisms
  • Gigabit LTE-Advanced, engineered for reduced latency

If your mission is critical, you need the industry-leading performance of Aprisa LTE.



Aprisa™ and 4RF™ are a registered trademarks of 4RF Limited.
LTE™ is a trademark of ETSI, used with permission for Aprisa products containing LTE functionality.
  • Aprisa LTE Datasheet FCC English


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  • Aprisa LTE Datasheet Global English


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