Wellington Water to partner with 4RF to build a resilient communications network

Wellington NZ -

4RF has been chosen to supply the radio network equipment for a major upgrade of the Wellington Water SCADA system. Competing against the world’s leading point-to-multipoint radio manufacturers, and tested in what the 4RF team has described as one of the toughest field tests they have witnessed, the 4RF Aprisa SR+ came out on top in both bench and field testing to emerge as the right choice for Wellington Water.

Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, has its fair share of environmental challenges. Its mountainous terrain makes setting up a radio network very difficult due to line of sight issues, while its harsh winter weather conditions and occasional earthquakes make keeping the network stable even more challenging. Proper water management is critical to ensure Wellington residents will always have clean water available to them. Resilience of the network is paramount, so when tasked with choosing the most suitable radio manufacturer, Wellington Water held nothing back to ensure they provide the people of Wellington with the best solution available.

The testing sites for the field test were chosen to simulate the worst case scenario – mountainous links with no line of sight and local obstructions. The trial tested for data loss, downtime, recovery time, network availability and usability – all factors needed to build a resilient network. “Wellington Water really pushed the equipment to extremes” says Michael Peacocke, New Zealand Sales Manager and Systems Engineer. “The combination of site locations and rigorous tests made it clear Wellington Water was taking the process very seriously. It’s these conditions that separate the good equipment from the excellent, and it is clear that excellence was what they were after”.

After two weeks of bench and field testing, the Aprisa SR+ scored an amazing 96% weighted score, and was therefore chosen as the equipment of choice.
Wellington Water will begin installing the first units later this year, helping build the sustainable resilient system Wellington deserves.

About Wellington Water
Wellington Water manages water treatment and supply, stormwater and wastewater service delivery in the Wellington region on behalf of the Upper Hutt, Hutt City, Porirua, Wellington City Councils and the Greater Wellington Regional Council, with outcomes of safe and healthy drinking water, being respectful of the environment and resilient networks supporting the economy.

About 4RF
Based in Wellington NZ, 4RF is a world class designer and manufacturer of high efficiency narrowband radios. Active in over 140 countries, with subsidiaries in the USA, Australia and the UK, 4RF provides solutions for utilities, oil and gas, smart grid and other critical infrastructure applications.