4RF Showcases 900 MHz Capacity Radio Solutions at IWCE 2015


4RF, a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance radio communications equipment for critical infrastructure applications, announced today that it will showcase its SCADA Point-to-Point Aprisa Licensed 900 MHz frequency band radios at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE)

Since its launch in early 2000, the Aprisa XE has been deployed in Federal, State and County customer networks in a range of utility, oil and gas and public safety applications.  The point to point radio solution delivers 952 kbit/s capacity in 100 kHz and 200 kHz channel sizes in over 120+ mile range.   Its increased security standards, SNMP management and , resulting in the most trusted radio in market.
As a response to the limitations conventional digital microwave links, the Aprisa XE is designed to withstand the most chaotic topography, obstructions, over water paths, temperature and atmospheric extremes. 

“With licensed frequency bands below 3 GHz, combining features such as powerful forward error correction and robust equalisation, our customers are getting greater capacity and range,” said J.L. Betts, Sales Director at 4RF North America.  “We look forward to talking to our visitors at IWCE about upgrading with straightforward change out, retaining all reusable infrastructure such as channel bank, filters, and antenna systems.”

The Aprisa family of products provides the fastest, most stable and most reliable features on the market. The embedded NIST standard AES and CCM based encryption and authentication provides both message information confidentiality as well as message integrity, to protect against ‘man in the middle’ attacks.