4RF launches the only fully monitored, hot standby, hot swappable protected SCADA master station

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4RF has recently released its Aprisa SR+ protected 1+1 master station. The Aprisa SR+ protected master station is the industry’s only available master station combining actual hot standby with hot swappable RF sections and full monitoring of both the active and standby radio


“At 4RF we understand that two issues are key for the critical infrastructure SCADA customers” says Steve Moffat, COO. “Having a seamless switchover in case of radio failure and not interrupting the data transfer when replacing a faulty radio. In addition while industry best practice is to place protected master stations at base station locations, sometimes a remote site can be equally crucial. For this reason, the Aprisa SR+ protected station can act as a master base station, a remote or a repeater, giving our customers both security and flexibility never seen before.”